At Market Your Value,  we help you separate your business from the competition then eliminate them in the minds of your prospects. We’ve found that even though most companies are pretty good at what they do, their marketing messages don’t reflect their unique strengths and advantages.

See, there’s really two sides to every business – what we call the inside reality, and what we call the outside perception. Your company’s inside reality is a sum of all the things that make your company valuable to the marketplace – all of your systems, your people, your products and services, your commitment to excellence and quality. The outside perception, on the other hand, is based on your prospects’ perception of what you do, how good you are, and why you’re valuable to them.

The problem is, the outside perception that is built by most companies’ marketing is not a good reflection of their inside reality. Instead, most marketing claims are full of what we call platitudes, which are words and phrases that are commonplace and predictable… They lack power to evoke interest because of over use and repetition, but are still stated as if they were original or significant – but they’re not. Words like high quality, great service, lowest prices, been in business since 1431 BC — you see, these are platitudes.

So the end result is that while you’ve spent all this time and effort to solve your customers’ problems – and you’ve built a business based on quality that surpasses your competitors in lots of areas – your prospects can’t really tell by looking at your marketing. When they look at your marketing pieces that use the same platitudes as everyone else, the outside perception is that you’re basically not any better, or any different, or any worse, than any other option. Everything appears to be the same. Your inside reality is hidden underneath a heap of platitudes, which forces your prospects to shop you on price.

We fix that. We are strategic marketing experts. We reposition your marketing so that your outside perception matches your inside reality. We articulate your unique strengths and advantages in a powerful, instantly obvious way… that leads your prospects to say “they’d have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else but you, regardless of price….” Your sales and revenue go up dramatically, immediately.


Look around this website and when you are ready to apply these marketing principals to your business, please contact us. We can help you with your Profit Equation ….   (People + System) X (Tools + Action) = $$$

We Help You Develop The System & The Tools. You Provide The People & The Action. It’s not about what we do… It’s about what works for YOU!