Your Company's Logo Is Often The Only Element Of Your Marketing Or Advertising That A Prospect Gets To See.

This makes it's development crucial to your company's success.

A good brand reflects not only what a company does, but what it stands for. A brand should embody elements of a company's trade or service while simultaneously conveying the attitude of the company. It should be simple and elegant consisting of one or two type styles and simple easily recognizable elements that, when glimpsed again, will recall the company, it's message and its business.

As with the marketing materials Market Your Value produces, your logo should interrupt and engage a prospect. This will ensure that your company's name is the first that enters that prospects mind when they see you additional marketing materials or even similar advertising elements.

We offer our identity packages for a flat rate of $1,750. Our package includes a unique logo design, letterhead, business card, envelope and mailing label design.

Do a comparison and you'll find that professional brand design and paper system creation with a comparable company will cost you between $2,000 and $10,000.

If you simply need a brand for your storefront or web presence, we offer a logo-only package for $1,000.

To get your project started fill out our Identity Package Questionnaire. Our print project coordinator will contact you within 72 hrs to schedule an initial creative consultation on your project. This consultation will consist of a discovery conference call or meeting regarding your project, your goals and the look and feel you'd like to convey.

Once we've gone through our discovery process we'll provide you with a schedule for your project. From the start date we agree to, and providing proofing and revision time is kept to a minimum, your identity package should be completed within 1 week of initiating the project.

All proofing and revisions throughout the process can be done digitally and discussed over the phone.

Identity Package (complete) 5-7 Days
Initial Logo Concepts (5-7) Day 3
Finalized Logo Design Day 5
Paper System Layouts & Proof Day 7


Logo Package 3-5 Days
Initial Logo Concepts (5-7) Day 3
Finalized Logo Design Day 5

We will provide you with initial concepts 5-7 concepts based on our discovery conversation in the first round of designs. You are permitted 2 rounds of revisions to these concepts. At that point we select a final mark to be used as your identity and proceed into the design of your paper system. You will receive 3-5 layouts of your business card, letterhead and envelope designs. Once again you are allowed to adjust these designs 2 times. Once we've reached a final design, your mailing label will be set up to match and we will discuss production options with you.

* Revisions made beyond the two round limit will be billed at $75/hr in 30 min. increments.

Once we have reached a finalized design, printing and production of your paper system can be handled by us (ensuring you a first rate print job) or we can provide you with a CD containing all of the necessary files to have your package printed by your vendor.


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